Nutrition Tip | Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and with it comes seasonal fruits and vegetables like asparagus! 

These green, spear-like vegetables are loaded with Vitamins A, C, E and K, folate, fibre and minerals - making it beneficial for our overall health. They are also available in white (usually canned) and purple. When buying asparagus select firm, crisp spears with compact tips and tight scales. The thicker the stem, the tastier it is and will have a longer shelf life compared to the thinner ones. The best way to store asparagus after purchase is in the fridge standing up with some cool water - just like you'd do with flowers. Trimming the base helps the asparagus stay fresh for longer, and can be kept for up to 2 weeks if handled carefully. While asparagus tastes fantastic grilled, you can also BBQ it, roast it, stir fry it, blend it into a soup, add it to a quiche or even a salad.

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Balancing Year 12 whilst preparing for Tokyo


​Balancing life as an elite athlete with your Year 12 studies can be challenging at the best of times. And with the Tokyo Paralympics around the corner, life for Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) scholarship holder Col Pearse is about to get even more challenging.

Instagram Takeover: Alec Danelutti


BMX Freestyle is an adrenaline-fuelled form of cycling that sees cyclists perform a series of outrageous tricks and jumps, taking place over a series of ramps and large obstacles, all set up within a 30mx50m park. Athletes complete two one-minute runs each, looking to impress judges with the difficulty, originality, style, flow, risk, height and execution of their tricks.

The VIS and Gymnastics


The Australian Human Right’s Commission has published its Report on the Independent Review into Gymnastics in Australia (2021). The findings of the Report are extremely concerning and distressing. Any form of abuse in any sport training program is unacceptable and is not tolerated by the Victorian Institute of Sport.

WEEKEND WRITE-UP: Evglevski spoils the part, as Lynch re-joins the Hockeyroos squad


​In VIS Sport, Sergei Evglevski took out the men's 10m Air Pistol at the Brisbane International Shooting Centre, whilst Rachael Lynch has re-joined the 2021 Hockeyroos squad.

Career. It’s more than just a job.

May 16th, 2021

National Careers Week is an initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia and aims to celebrate careers, career development, career development services, and career development practitioners and to promote the economic, social and personal benefits of career development.

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