3 nutrition tips to get you through Xmas

After the year that we've had, we're all probably ready for some time off and holiday festivities. So, our VIS Nutrition Team have put together a few tips to help you get through the Christmas season and come out fit, healthy and ready to take on 2021.

It’s called Christmas DAY not Christmas fortnight.

By all means, enjoy Christmas Day and your favourite foods.  But try to avoid having several weeks of Christmas Days. If feeling full, then remove yourself from the food environment or remove your plate and get chatting or get active with a game of backyard cricket.  

Keep up the hydration but take care with alcohol.

Alcohol can negatively impact training quality & muscle repair for up to 2 days post moderate consumption. Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of dehydration which impairs cognitive ability, reduces muscle endurance capacity, increases perception of effort (everything feels harder). Alcohol is also very energy dense and is often combined with other high energy options.  So, try to alternate any alcoholic beverages with a non-alcohol containing beverage (ex. soda water with lime or even kombucha).  

Be mindful and slow down your eating. 

When enjoying these celebratory foods take your time to chew your foods well. Set down your cutlery between each mouthful and wait until your mouth is completely clear before putting the next fork or spoonful of food in your mouth. Mindful eating is something that many athletes have to work at, as a lot of the time for performance reasons food is fuelling and recovery versus something to be savoured.  Taking your time to eat allows time for the signals from the stomach to reach the brain and for the feeling of fullness to be acknowledged (can take ~20mins) so gives you time to recognise when you have had enough.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from VIS Nutrition

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