Physical Therapies

The VIS has two key therapy teams; Sports Physiotherapy and Soft Tissue Therapy, which both deliver elite health care to all VIS athletes. 

How Sports Physiotherapy helps out athletes

There are three main areas in which VIS physiotherapists engage 

  1. Injury prevention – athletes are at their best when they are training and competing unhindered. The VIS physiotherapy team is committed to working with athletes, coaches and performance support staff to decrease injury risk, utilising clinical exercise, neuromuscular movement training and athlete monitoring. 
  2. Acute injury care – our sports physios provide immediate diagnosis and acute injury management. They advise athletes regarding best practice, evidence-based treatment to minimise injury severity and therefore lost training time. They utilise modalities including manual therapy, exercise prescription, taping and bracing and advice regarding training modification and progression. 
  3. Injury rehabilitation – working closely with the other members of the elite sport multi-disciplinary team, VIS sports physios continue to provide treatment and advise on how to return to peak function and condition as quickly and safely as possible. This involves return to sport planning and testing as an integral component.

How Soft Tissue Therapy helps our athletes

The VIS Soft Tissue Therapy team is the secret weapon that many VIS athletes rely on to keep them feeling fresh, relaxed and ready to perform.

Massage is a key tool in an elite athlete’s arsenal. 

Massage has the potential to help:

  • Improve recovery 
  • Reduce muscle tension 
  • Assist mobility around specific joints, or in general movement patterns 
  • Aid relaxation and benefit mood

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