VIS Research Council

The VIS have committed to providing annual funding for Innovation and Research, offering an unprecedented opportunity to drive high performance outcomes and keep Victorian athletes ahead of the game. VIS has a strong history of collaboration, innovation, and striving for excellence. VIS can enhance our core business by conducting and supporting research that is focused on our research priorities, optimises our resources and reflects the VIS values.

VIS Research Council

The VIS Research Council was established in 2022 following the commitment of research funding. Our objective is to develop VIS research policies and resources, provide guidance on proposals, award funding, facilitate integration & implementation with sports, and promote projects at the VIS.

Our Research Mission

To prioritise, facilitate, undertake, implement, and disseminate research that aims to drive high performance outcomes, keep Victorian athletes ahead of the game, and tells the VIS story.

Our Commitment

  1. To ensure VIS research is conducted in a safe and ethical manner.
  2. To optimise VIS resources allocation that is directed towards research and quality enhancement.

VIS Research Priorities

VIS Research aligns itself with the National High Performance Research Agenda. Below are the specific research priority areas that have been identified throughout the organisation. VIS will also place a high priority on research that is innovative, undertaken in Para or Indigenous athletes, and has female lead researchers.

Research Grants

This form is for applications / projects who are requested a VIS Research Grant to conduct research directly relating to VIS Research Priorities. Grant rounds will open to applications for 4 weeks, typically in February / March each year. 

VIS Research applications require a VIS Lead Researcher to be involved. Proposals should have program and/or discipline support, and National Sporting Organisation (NSO) support (if applicable).

The next Grant Round dates will be advertised here soon (2024 dates TBC).


  • Ethics is required 
  • Activity is fixed & follows a research design (e.g. hypothesis testing, group comparisons etc). 
  • Research proposals require a VIS Lead Researcher to be involved in research design. Proposals should have program &/or discipline support, and NSO support (if applicable).  
  • Includes projects where VIS staff are driving or involved with research where data are collected, and athletes/participants need to be aware of and sign informed consent. 
  • Includes projects where external researchers are requesting data or access to athletes and the use of retrospective data.  
  • Results will be disseminated as research findings. Data may be intended to be published. 
  • Co-investment from research partner will be required for Grants >$10k. 

 Research Support

This form is for applications / projects who are requesting a non-cash contribution from VIS.


  • You have external ethics for your project and you are asking for access/assistance with recruitment of VIS staff or athletes (ie for a questionnaire or focus group). 
  • You are seeking to hire VIS facilities to conduct your independent research. 
  • You are seeking VIS support to submit an external funding application or ethics (ie AIS Research Grant Partner Organisation). 


For further information or other enquiries please contact the VIS Research Council.



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