Sports Medicine

The VIS sports medicine team includes leading experts and consultants with extensive experience in the high-performance sport environment. They deliver an innovative and proactive program of support aimed at the prevention, early detection and management of injuries and illness.


The VIS Sports Medicine Program consists of four Specialist Sports and Exercise Physicians and Registrars who consult with athletes across all sports. Dr. Susan White is the Chief Medical Officer and coordinates the Medical services. The Sports Medicine team play an important role in the comprehensive health management of the athlete to facilitate optimal performance, working closely with the other Performance Services teams of Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Nutrition, Sport Science, Strength and Conditioning and Performance Lifestyle in an interdisciplinary model.

How Sports Medicine helps our athletes

The Sports Medicine Program plays a role in illness and injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of all VIS athletes, focusing on the clinical aspects of an athletes’ physical and mental wellbeing. This is achieved by the following: 

  1. Optimising the health of the athletes 
  2. Managing Sport specific Illness in conjunction with other medical specialists 
  3. Contributing to the diagnosis and management of injuries together with the inter-disciplinary team 
  4. Providing Anti-doping information about medications and supplements in conjunction with the VIS dietitians 
  5. Coordinating care with medical staff in the athlete’s National Sporting Organisation

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