Performance Lifestyle

The Performance Lifestyle Program assists athletes to live out the VIS motto: Success in Sport and Life. 

What is Performance Lifestyle?

The Performance Lifestyle Program assists in achieving a balance between life activities and sport performance, with a focus on increasing overall well-being.  By partnering with Performance Lifestyle athletes are able to progress their dual careers in sport and life by building professionalism, accountability, resilience, integrity and responsibility. This is achieved by gaining access to personal and professional development, career and education opportunities, and support networks to assist in making more informed decisions.

How can Performance Lifestyle help?

The objective of the Performance Lifestyle Program is to contribute to the personal and professional development of eligible elite athletes with career, educational and professional development services. The Personal Excellence advisers work closely with schools, universities, and other partners, to support athletes in coordinating the multiple facets of their lives.

The Performance Lifestyle Program tailors specific programs to reflect the individual needs and aspirations of athletes thus allowing for individual growth and development.

Key services

Barrett Consulting

The Barrett Scholarship Program supports athletes with current or new  business idea/s. The program includes four workshops and the successful scholarship recipient receives 4 x 90 minute face to face mentor/coaching sessions and funding from the Performance Lifestyle Program to support the growth of their business.

Open Universities Australia

Open Universities Australia (OUA) is an online higher education organisation.

Crown Melbourne

Athletes have access to direct training and employment opportunities at Crown Melbourne.

FIA Fitnation

Athletes have access to a variety of courses at FIA Fitnation,

Other VIS Performance Lifestyle workshops and courses

What do athletes think about the Performance Lifestyle Program?

David Morris – Aerial Skiing

It's satisfying to have a backup/real life plan, and to know that I don't have to manage it on my own. There are Performance Lifestyle staff available to assist in helping me make decisions and find career paths after sport. I believe it's important to be realistic and know that sport may not last forever or that circumstances may hinder your greatest goals, and having experienced people there to assist you if you need is comforting.

Through the program I have been given so many opportunities to run some workshops and speak to groups of people and other athletes. This boosted my self confidence in public speaking and opened up a whole new line of work i would never have thought i could do. Personal Excellence has given me the chance to ask for help and pass on my own knowledge, and I would encourage everyone to ask for some help. You may not be aware of what can be offered until your eyes are opened to the possibilities, mine were and I’m very grateful for it.

Anabelle Smith - Diving

The VIS Performance Lifestyle Program have been an enormous support in making sure my life is balanced. After school, life becomes a little more daunting, but with the help of the Performance Lifestyle Advisers, I have been able to make a smooth transition into University life, whilst maintaining my full training load. Performance Lifestyle were integral in helping me balance school and diving, and they continued to support my enrolment into ACU to study Exercise and Health Science. Also, with the VIS affiliation with the Australian Institute of Fitness, Performance Lifestyle has given me the opportunity to undertake a Certificate III in fitness, which I am absolutely loving .

Richard Colman – Athletics

The VIS Performance Lifestyle Program has been instrumental during my time with the VIS, being there for guidance and support whenever needed as well as provided opportunities  such as  the Leadership program and business programs. I am very thankful for all the support from everyone at the VIS over the years to help me achieve success in sport and life.

How to contact a Performance Lifestyle adviser?

The VIS Personal Excellence Team currently has three fully qualified staff members who are available and able to help you achieve your goals in both sport and life; these members are:

Leesa Gallard - Performance Lifestyle Coordinator 

Andy Farrow - Performance Lifestyle Adviser 

Sara Heasly - Performance Lifestyle Adviser 

David Madigan - Performance Lifestyle Adviser 

You can meet the VIS Performance Lifestyle staff through individual sessions face-to-face, via phone, fax or skype. To make an appointment with one of the VIS Performance Lifestyle providers, please call (03) 9425 0000.

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