VIS power LSV’s top tier athletes during Winter months

The Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) provided support to Life Saving Victoria’s (LSV) top tier athletes and coaches during the winter months in Melbourne, to help them prepare for the upcoming national competitions.

The VIS ran several different workshops, including an 8-week physical preparation program, as well as three fundamental topic sessions; Sport Science, Performance Lifestyle and Performance Psychology, which gave athletes an insight into the expectations of a high-performance sporting life.

VIS Physical Preparation Manager, Will Morgan, said that the program was designed to give LSV athletes and coaches the opportunity to learn valuable skills to assist them on their high-performance pathway.

“We were extremely impressed with the commitment shown by the LSV athletes and coaches through-out the winter program,” he said.  

“We were glad to see some big improvements from the pre- to post-testing results in the gym and hope the athletes were able to take-away a greater understanding of the foundations for physical preparation and what it takes to be an elite athlete.”

Life Saving athletes compete at State and National events as well as World Championships, across a range of disciplines including Run, Board, Ski and Swim.

LSV manager aquatic sport, Simon Butterly said the partnership with the VIS provides LSV athletes with new training and development opportunities.

“This is the first time LSV has worked with the VIS and this brand-new program has provided our athletes with opportunities they normally wouldn’t have had, including access to advanced state-of the-art facilities, VIS’ highly qualified performance staff and a new level of training, preparation, strength and conditioning information and guidance.” He said.  

“Partnering with the VIS also elevates the status of our sport, which gives up and coming athletes enormous incentive to work towards the next level and qualify for the sporting excellence program and have access to these facilities and experts.

“We hope to continue our work with the VIS to provide pathways for those currently at and aspiring to be at the top level of lifesaving sports.”

LSV athlete Emily Carty, who is one of Victoria’s top open women’s beach athletes and also a track sprinter, said she was grateful for the expertise passed onto LSV’s athletes from the VIS staff members and said the program was a great success.

“It is always beneficial to mix up your training, especially during the winter off season, so to have the support of the VIS for both physical and mental development has helped both my fitness and confidence enormously,” she said.

“I particularly enjoyed the sport science, performance lifestyle and performance psychology topics, VIS implements programs for high-performance athletes from a wide range of sports, so seeing the VIS apply its wider sports knowledge to a lifesaving-relevant context is a great way to put us on par with other athletes and sports.

“I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact of VIS’ programs when the summer sport season starts up again.”

LSV is a volunteer movement with 38,000 volunteers across 57 clubs in Victoria. They officially come under the umbrella of Emergency Management Victoria.

Life Saving is already a recognised sport globally, and as the sport continues to grow, they aim to hopefully soon be included on the Commonwealth Games program.

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