Brooke Buschkuehl


If you are the best, train like you are the second best

Personal Details



Home town:


Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Bronwyn Thompson, Cathy Freeman

Date of birth:

12 July 1993

Sporting Details

Event(s) / Discipline:

Long Jump

Home Club:

Athletics Nunawading


Russell Stratton

Olympic / Paralympic History:

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 

Rio 2016 Olympic Games - 7th | 6.74m 

Commonwealth Games History:

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games - 2nd | 6.77m 

World Championships History:

Beijing 2015 World Championships - 14th (q) | 6.64m

London 2017 World Championships - 6th | 6.67m 

Doha 2019 Doha World Championships - 10th | 6.46m 

Sporting Highlights:

Stratton's personal best in Long Jump is 7.05 metres set at the Perth Track Classic on March 12, 2016, breaking the 14-year-old Australian record held by Bronwyn Thompson.

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