VIS Gender Equality Action Plan 2022- 2025

The Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) supports gender equity and diversity in the workforce and is committed to creating an inclusive workplace. As part of this commitment, we have developed our first Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-2025.

This is another step towards identifying areas where we can reinforce good practice and importantly where we can do better. We acknowledge this is a longstanding complex issue and challenge to overcome social attitudes, behaviours and systems that prevents people, particularly women, from fully participating in society and the workforce.

In developing our Plan there has been broad consultation and enthusiastic engagement across the VIS which represents the commitment of individuals and the management team to not only making organisational change, but also each of us doing the small things every day which contribute to a more inclusive and safer community.

The Vision of our plan is; “We are committed to creating and reaffirming a gender inclusive culture that empowers our people and encourages diversity within our organisation. We aim to be an employer of choice for equal opportunity and inclusion and will strive to improve the opportunities, experiences and outcomes for all women, men and gender diverse people”.

The VIS Gender Equality Action Plan 2022- 2025 presents clear strategies for supporting our Vision and the needs and aspirations of people who work with us and our athletes and partners who use our programs and services. We are excited about the role this Plan will play in strengthening our commitment to an inclusive culture for all people. 

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to the VIS across all tiers of the workforce for the outstanding leadership and engagement they have demonstrated throughout this process.


Chief Executive Officer

VIS Gender Equality Action Plan 2022- 2025

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