Instagram Takeover: Alec Danelutti

BMX Freestyle is an adrenaline-fuelled form of cycling that sees cyclists perform a series of outrageous tricks and jumps, taking place over a series of ramps and large obstacles, all set up within a 30mx50m park. Athletes complete two one-minute runs each, looking to impress judges with the difficulty, originality, style, flow, risk, height and execution of their tricks.

Australia currently boasts some of the best riders in the world, including up-and-coming Victorian Institute of Sport scholarship holder Alec Danelutti. 

Alec, who first started riding when he was 12, is now becoming competitive at an international level and has hopes to one day compete at the Olympic Games. When he’s not training in the VIS gym or riding at RampFest, his local Indoor Skate Park, the 20-year-old is working on the tools as an electrician.

Alec recently took over the Victorian Institute of Sport’s Instagram account which provided a fabulous first-hand insight into his busy life and how he balances his sporting endeavours with his work commitments. 

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