Remembering VIS at the Games

Today marks the “1 Year to Go” milestone before the Postponed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 set to be held in 2021. We are thrilled to launch our ’Remembering VIS at the Games’ campaign in conjunction with our 30th year anniversary celebrations.

Since 1990, we have been supporting Victoria’s elite athletes, as they pursue success in Sport and life. whilst we won’t be able to enjoy the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, we will have an opportunity to remember some of the amazing achievements of past and present athletes from when we first opened our doors up until the Games in Rio in 2016. 

We will share a series of stories, activities and memories experienced from the perspective of our Victorian heroes. 

The campaign is set to begin on Monday July 27 at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will then chronologically follow the next seven, concluding with Rio 2016 the week of September 7. 

Throughout this campaign you will experience never seen before images, magical moments and reflections on some of those unforgettable memories that made the Games so special for Victorians. 

We’re so excited to take you for this trip down memory lane. 

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