Olympians and community share Olympic Day celebrations

Australian Olympians and sports fans are celebrating Olympic Day today, with June 23rd marking the creation of the modern Olympic movement back in 1894.

Olympic champions Ian Thorpe and Ellia Green will join host Mark Beretta for Olympic Day Live, hosted by Optus, broadcast on the AOC’s Facebook here at 12.30pm today, to share their Olympic experiences and check in with athletes and community members on their Olympic Day celebrations.

This year’s festivities have seen Olympians invite the public to join them in setting #OlympicDayGoals throughout June, setting challenges to be achieved by today, 23 June.

From Olympians learning instruments, juggling and attempting new athletic feats to school students setting reading, running and singing challenges, elite and community athletes alike joined in the spirit of the Olympic ideals.

AOC CEO Matt Carroll said Olympic Day is an opportunity to celebrate what the Olympics means to Australians.

“On Olympic Day, we recognise those remarkable Olympic moments from the 3988 Australians who have earned the right to call themselves Olympians,” Mr Carroll said. “We acknowledge the contribution of their sports, coaches, families, volunteers and supporters who all make up the Olympic movement in this country.   

“We also look to the future – to those athletes resuming their training and preparation for next year’s Tokyo Games, showing the determination to overcome this unique challenge, and lifting our spirits with their positive attitudes; and to everyone at the grassroots level getting back to their sport safely in the days and months ahead.

“I also want to congratulate all the athletes and community members who took part in the #OlympicDayGoals, to challenge themselves throughout June. Sport can play a vital role in bonding our communities and championing the way forward.”

Tune to Olympic Day Live with Ian Thorpe, Ellia Green and Mark Beretta on Facebook, find out more about Olympic Day here and catch all the Olympic Day celebrations on the Australian Olympic Team social channels.

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