Nutrition Tip | Planning

Its peak competition time for many of our athletes and an excellent time to reflect on nutrition practices in the lead up to a major competition. Making a plan around your nutrition creates certainty that you will be adequately fuelled and ready to go. Here we have compiled some prompts around getting the most out of your performance when planning your nutrition.

Do you have a nutrition plan in the 24 hour lead up to a competition?


What are some snacks and rich sources of protein or carbohydrates you can have as back up for travel?

I.e. think microwavable rice bowls, canned tuna, dried fruit, muesli bars, porridge sachets.


What is your major source of carbohydrate 90min+ before a competition?


Do you need additional carbohydrate sources during your competition?

I.e. repeat games of netball, lengthy high jump competitions, golf tournaments etc.


What sources of protein do I have ready to refuel after the competition?

I.e. what if the canteen is closed or the competition finishes late or I have to go straight to drug testing.


If you’re unsure about how you navigate any of these prompts seek out the resources and knowledge of your sports dietitian.


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