Miella Brown


Everything happens for a reason

Personal Details

Home town:


Occupation / Area of Study / Work:


Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Kobe Bryant

Date of birth:

10 January 2007

Sporting Details

Home Club:

Waverley Gymnastics Club

Sporting Highlights:

2022, EnBW DTB Pokal Junior International Stuttgart Germany 

2022, Australian Championships, 2nd All Round - Junior International

2021, Australian Championships, 1st All Round - Future International 

2020, Junior International Montreal Canada, 1st time representing Australia 

2018, Australian Championships, 1st All Round - Future International

2019, Australian Championships 2019, 1st All Round 

Future International - Gymnix 

Australian Team finished 2nd in the Junior Team Challenge

Finish 1st in Junior Bars final 

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