Jian Lay

Table Tennis

Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee

Personal Details

Home town:


Date of birth:

6 March 1973

Sporting Details

Home Club:


Olympic / Paralympic History:

2020 Tokyo Olympic: Women’s Single fourth round, Women's Singles and Doubles; Silver medal - Mixed Doubles.

2016 Rio Olympic: Women’s Single fourth round.

2012 London Olympic: Women’s Single and Doubles third round.

2008 Beijing Olympic: Women’s Single and Doubles third round.

2004 Athens Olympic: Women's Singles and Doubles second round.

2000 Olympic Games - 17th Women's Doubles.

Commonwealth Games History:

2022, Birmingham Commonwealth Games, Bronze medals - Women’s team. Silver medal -Women’s doubles.

2018, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Women’s team fourth.

2014, Glasgow Commonwealth Championships, Women’s Double Silver medal; Women's team; Bronze medal.

2010, New Delhi Commonwealth Games, Women’s Team, Single, Double fourth.

2006, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, Silver medals Women’s Team, Bronze medals Women’s.

2002, Manchester Commonwealth Games, Silver medal - Women's team; Silver medal - Mixed Doubles; Bronze medal - Women's doubles.

World Championships History:

2018, Women’s World Cup top 9th

2004, World Teams Championships, 22nd - Women's team

2003, Women's World Cup, Placing 13-16

2000,Women's World Cup, Placing 9-12

2000, World Team Championships, Placing 21-24 Women's Team

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