Anthony Jordan


Yes I can

Personal Details

Home town:


Occupation / Area of Study / Work:


Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Rohan Browning

Date of birth:

6 October 2005

Sporting Details

Event(s) / Discipline:

100m, 200m, Long Jump

Home Club:

Doncaster Athletics Club

Sporting Highlights:
  • Breaking the 12 second barrier for the 100m in Canberra, in January, 2021.
  • 2021 National Champion in the U17 para 100m , 200m and long jump.
  • Oceania record in the para long jump.
  • Running my fastest time ever of 11.79 with an illegal wind at the AIS track alongside 3 Paralympians.
  • AIS camp and being accepted onto NASS as an emerging athlete.
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