Nikki van Dijk

Anything worth while is hard to get to

Personal Details

Date of birth:

28 November 1994

Home town:

Phillip Island


Tennis, walking, time at home

Occupation / Area of Study / Work:

Student / Professional Surfer

Personal ambition:

To become world champion

Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Serena Williams

Sporting Details

Olympic / Paralympic History:

Career Highlights:

  • 2012 ASP World Junior Champion
  • 2012 Australasian Pro Junior Rankings Champion
  • 2011 5th Beachley Classic World Tour Event

Recent Results:

  • 2014 Swatch Girl Pro Champion, France 2
  • 2014 Rip Curl Women's Pro Bells Beach - 4th Round
  • 2013 Rip Curl Women's Pro Bells Beach - 4th Round
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