Grovedale College Year 8 Sports Academy Student Reflections

Last year VIS Wheelchair Rugby player Jason Lees left a memorable and inspirational mark on a collection of Year 8 Grovedale College students.

Here are some of the reflections about the impact Lee had on some of the Grovedale College students.

"Jason’s story was motivational and inspiring – it was really good to hear how he coped after his accident. Hearing his story has made me appreciate what I have and it makes me push harder for what I want to achieve." 

"I thought how he spoke about staying in sport as it’s good for your mental health, plus you can meet new people and travel he world was inspirational."

"It was very motivating to hear you can still be a champion, even if you have physical issues." 

"Jason spoke about his life story and said even if you have a disability your life can still be amazing. His story was truly inspiring and motivational – although people may think their life is terrible, it really isn’t." 

"Jason is a terrific role model. He has proven people wrong and his story had a massive influence on us." 

"Jason’s story really proved to us that it doesn’t matter what you look like physically, you can still enjoy the life you have and appreciate all the good things that can happen." 

"Jason was inspirational as he said despite his injury, he regrets nothing. The way he kept pushing himself was amazing. He is one of the best people I have ever met." 

"I think it is amazing that with a little bit of motivation can take you far – Jason proved to us that if you put in the effort you can do anything you put your mind to."

"I just love that he kept going when he could have easily given up. He searched for something he loved doing to motivate himself to get out of bed every day." 

"I enjoyed Jason’s talk. He showed us that people with disabilities can achieve greatness. He is a great role model for us." 

"Jason encouraged us to keep engaged in sport for as long as we can." 

"Jason proved you can do even better things with your life and appreciate it." 

"Jason never imagined being a wheelchair rugby player but he now loves it as he gets to experience things that would never have happened before his life-changing accident."

"Jason talked about being very grateful for what he has achieved and showed gratitude for all he’s been through." 

"Jason talk taught me to never give up on goals and always try my hardest." 

"Jason talked about his accident with confidence and he said some really motivating and encouraging words to my friend when she needed it – thank you." 

"I learnt that no matter what you must push through. Everything happens for a reason"

"I have learnt from Jason to always pursue my dreams and keep striving to do my best."

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