Privacy Statement

The Victorian Institute of Sport Advancement Series delivers online nutrition and sport science education sessions to school groups within Victoria. It is our preference that a teacher from the school who has booked the online session, is present for the duration of the session to encourage student participation, promote post-session discussion, and to maintain a safe environment for both students and presenters. 

Where the school requests the online session is conducted without the presence of a teacher, the Victorian Institute of Sport requires the session to be run on the Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platform so that the session may be recorded by the Victorian Institute of Sport. 

The sole purpose of recording the online session when a teacher is not present is purely for the protection of the students and presenters involved, and will not be used for any other purpose. 

The Victorian Institute of Sport acknowledges that the recording will be stored on the VIS server and will not enter the public domain, except where authorised by law. 

The Victorian Institute of Sport is not responsible for the privacy practices of schools who choose to record these online sessions themselves.

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