Sports Physiotherapy

The VIS Sports Physiotherapy team delivers elite health care to all VIS athletes. The team is comprised of experienced clinicians whose focus is squarely on keeping athletes training and competing without injury, but are also experts in managing and guiding athlete rehabilitation when necessary.


Athletes are at their best when they are healthy, and participating fully in their training and competition. The VIS Sports Physiotherapy team have significant expertise in clinical movement analysis, and work collaboratively with other members of the athlete support team to help decrease injury risk and optimise physical performance. 

Unfortunately, however, injuries occur in sport – and the Sports Physiotherapy team provide world class assessment, diagnosis, injury management and rehabilitation to help get our athletes back to full fitness and health as quickly as possible, and as safely as possible.

How Sports Physiotherapy helps out athletes

There are three main areas in which VIS physiotherapists engage 

  1. Injury prevention – athletes are at their best when they are training and competing unhindered. The VIS physiotherapy team is committed to working with athletes, coaches and performance support staff to decrease injury risk, utilising clinical exercise, neuromuscular movement training and athlete monitoring. 
  2. Acute injury care – our sports physios provide immediate diagnosis and acute injury management. They advise athletes regarding best practice, evidence-based treatment to minimise injury severity and therefore lost training time. They utilise modalities including manual therapy, exercise prescription, taping and bracing and advice regarding training modification and progression. 
  3. Injury rehabilitation – working closely with the other members of the elite sport multi-disciplinary team, VIS sports physios continue to provide treatment and advise on how to return to peak function and condition as quickly and safely as possible. This involves return to sport planning and testing as an integral component.

VIS Physiotherapy Team

Steve Hawkins 

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and VIS Physiotherapy and Soft Tissue Therapy Lead

Ebonie Rio PhD 

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist 

Alison Low 

Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

Josh Ferguson 

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

How to book 

VIS athletes can contact VIS reception on 94250000 to organise an appointment during business hours, Monday - Friday

Please note the VIS Sports Physiotherapy department does not offer private consultations to non-VIS athletes 

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