Rosemary Popa

Whether you think you can or cannot, you're probably right

Personal Details


Roz, Rosie

Home town:



Music, Bull riding

Occupation / Area of Study / Work:

Full time Training

Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Alexandra Hagan

Date of birth:

30th December 1991

Sporting Details

Home Club:

Banks Rowing Club

Olympic / Paralympic History:

Melbourne-born Rosie Popa has a strong rowing pedigree with both her parents having represented Australia at Olympic Games in rowing and won Olympic medals. Rosie's mother, Sue Chapman-Popa, represented Australia at the 1984 Olympic Games, in the Women's Coxed Four, winning an Olympic bronze medal, while her father, Ion Popa, is an Olympic bronze medallist in the Men's Eight from the same Games. Ion was also part of Australia's World Championships winning Men's Eight in 1986. Rosie has represented both the USA and Australia in her rowing career, by virtue of having US-citizenship. Rosie represented the USA at U23 level, but in 2015 reverted to her country of birth, Australia, and was selected to race for Australia in the Women's Eight. After finishing her degree in Sociology at UC Berkeley and a period of time out of the boat, Rosie made her return to rowing and at the end of 2017 was selected to join the Hancock Prospecting Women's National Training Centre in Penrith. In 2018, Rosie was selected to compete in the Women's Four for the World Rowing Cups and then the Women's Eight for the World Rowing Championships. She also represented Australia in the Remenham Challenge Cup at the 2018 Henley Royal Regatta. She will no doubt be listening to her favourite pump up song 'Shots & Squats' by Vigiland feat. Tham Sway before she hits the start line this season.

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