Athlete Services

The VIS provides scholarship holders with the best possible integration of the key athlete services of sports medicine, sport science, sports psychology, physical preparation, physiotherapy, nutrition, performance lifestyle, and an information resource centre

Needs of Athletes

Keeping athletes fit and healthy, with finely tuned bodies and minds, is paramount to their success. The resources available to elite athletes at the VIS are in high demand by many of Australia’s most prominent athletes.

  • The VIS has excellent medical support offering high quality injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs.
  • For athletes who have to precisely control body weight and energy intake, the nutritionists provide essential advice.
  • In most sports, strength and power are important and the VIS gymnasium is a vital facility as is the work of the VIS physical preparation coaches.
  • In sports demanding a high degree of skill, new technological developments, such as video analysis, are valuable tools.
  • In sports requiring concentration and decision making the psychologist plays an important role.
  • To ensure athletes balance their lives, the Personal Excellence team provides useful advice.

Our Services 

  • Performance Lifestyle 
  • Physical Preparation 
  • Nutrition 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Performance Science 
  • Sports Psychology 
  • Soft Tissue Therapy 
  • Sports Medicine 

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