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Nutrition | How much calcium do you need

Monday, 30 July 2018

Calcium is a vital factor in helping to prevent stress fractures and early onset osteoporosis.  We all know dairy products are a great and bioavailable source of calcium, but did you know that eating a variety of vegetables, lean protein sources and grains can also help meet your daily needs?

So how much is enough?

Aim for 1000mg of calcium every day.


Here are some great tips & foods to add to your weekly menu:


- High protein yoghurt tubs provide 200mg

- A glass of milk is perfect for recovery with 400mg in a glass

- Try adding ½ cup of tofu into a stir fry for an additional 400mg

- Add a can of salmon to a salad for 200mg

- Cook up 2 cups of spinach with some herbs and spices at breakfast for another 60mg

- Shave a slice of cheddar to your salad or sandwich for 200mg


Don’t forget to include some tahini, almonds, bok choy, cucumber, celery, baked beans, chickpeas, egg and figs for further complementary sources.


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