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Nutrition Tip | Beetroot Juice

Saturday, 09 September 2017

Not only is beetroot a great food for good health, but some benefits have also been found for sports performance.

BEET IT sport shots, a concentrated form of beetroot juice, are a popular performance supplement containing up to 400mg of naturally occurring nitrate. Following the ingestion of nitrate and conversion to nitric oxide in our bodies, research has shown that athletic performance can be enhanced due to the ability of the muscle to use oxygen more efficiently, delaying the time to fatigue and subsequently improving performance. The type of athlete that may benefit from beetroot supplementation varies but research has found benefits in sports such as cycling, running & rowing events of 4-30 minutes duration.  Endurance athletes or those training at altitude may also respond well to beetroot supplementation.

For more information and protocols for use, speak with your Sports Dietitian.  Likewise if you experience or are sensitive to fodmap foods, best speak with your sports dietitian to see if this will be of benefit to your performance!


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